Product Showcase – Ultradent Opalescence Go

Opalescence GO Ultradent


Adam Dental is a very proud distributor of premium dental supplies from Ultradent. A renowned global dental brand, Ultradent manufactures a vast catalogue of dentistry products including dental burs, applicators, brushes, orthodontic retraction cord, curing lights, bonding materials, and much more.

Ultradent Whitening Gels

The first Ultradent whitening gel to be introduced to the global market was Ultradent Opalescence PF in 1990. It was viscous and sticky, and it has since evolved to the release of at-home teeth whitening game changer Opalescence Go in 2013.

Ultradent Opalescence Go is an innovative development in take-home whitening kits. The prefilled, disposable teeth whitening tray system is recommended by dentists for patients who seek a professional at-home whitening result and a superior option to generic over-the-counter teeth whitening products. It eliminates the requirement for custom trays yet offers a comfortable fit and feel. Opalescence Go is easy and convenient to use and delivers a professional, sparkling whitening result.

Ultradent Opalescence Go at Adam Dental

Available from Adam Dental in Melon 10%, Melon 6%, or Mint 6%, Ultradent Opalescence Go is simple, fast, and tastes great. Ideal for commencing a whitening treatment or used to follow up on in-clinic whitening, the benefits of the system include:

  • No dental impressions
  • No lab requirements
  • Entire-smile molar-to-molar whitening coverage
  • Discrete, clear trays
  • Potassium nitrate and fluoride to maintain enamel strength and dental health
  • Comfortable, smile-conforming tray fit
  • Suits patients who have a sensitive gag reflex

The system features prefilled trays that can be worn directly from the package, and the gel quantity in each tray is optimized for comfort and easy cleanup.

The 6% Mint option is worn for 60-90 minutes per day for 5-10 days

The 10% Melon option is worn for 30-60 minutes per day for 5-10 days.

*Licensed practitioners may log in to the professional Adam Dental catalogue to access higher concentrate products.

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