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Among the essential dental supplies in Australia which we offer here at Adam Dental is prophy paste. Otherwise known as prophylactic paste, this is one of the most frequently used products by dentists, and as a staple of dental hygiene and preventative dentistry, the type chosen must suit the patient in terms of their age and unique dental needs.

What is Prophy Paste?

Prophy paste is a splatter-free, premium tooth polishing formula used in dental clinics. It is used to clean and polish the teeth to remove surface stains and debris from the enamel as a preventative method of reducing the risk of dental caries. (Dental caries is damage to the teeth which leads to tooth decay and cavities. It is caused by bacteria in the mouth.) Today, polishing the teeth is part of every routine dental visit.

Plaque builds up on layers on the teeth when oral bacteria mix with starch or sugar from foods like bread, fruit, sweets, milk, juice, and soft drinks. These bacteria release acids which are used by the body to break down these carbohydrates. When the plaque builds up, it forms tartar, a hard mineral deposit – it is also known as calculus. Bacteria live within this tartar and cause dental disease. A routine preventative dental visit includes the dentist scaling the teeth to remove tartar and then polishing the teeth to remove stains and help prevent plaque buildup.

Polishing may take the form of air polishing, using water, a jet of air, and an abrasive agent, or the dentist may select a prophy paste to get the job done.


The Evolution of Preventative Dentistry Products

Preventative dentistry was revolutionized in 1976 when selective polishing of the teeth as a prophylactic measure against the dental disease was introduced. Initially, only stained teeth were polished selectively, as older polishing pastes contained harsh abrasives which removed clinically significant amounts of enamel from the teeth. Over time, however, the approach to dental hygiene has further evolved and cleaning agents used by dentists have been dramatically improved – as has the clinical recommendation relating to polishing the teeth as a routine practice.

As such, essential polishing is now the preferred approach by most dentists and the polishing paste is chosen to specifically suit the individual patient’s needs. Polishing the teeth is deemed to be an integral aspect of preventative dentistry and patients enjoy the post-dentist feel of clean, smooth, fresh teeth.

Modern Prophy Paste is sold in unit-doses which eliminate contamination risks and wastage. Additionally, therapeutic additives and flavourings have been improved to offer more suitable options for patient comfort and to maximise the effectiveness of the dental visit.

Fluoride was first added to prophy paste around 1975, and since then other therapeutic additives have been included to strengthen and remineralise enamel and to minimize dental hypersensitivity. These additives include calcium phosphate which bond with fluoride and also calcium sodium phosphosilicate and arginine calcium carbonate.

CleanJoy SingleDose 200 x 2g Med Cherry


Prophy Paste at Adam Dental

Adam Dental is a proud Australian supplier of dental prophy paste at affordable prices. We carry prophy products from brands including Dentalife, Ainsworth, ALPHA PRO, Optum, VOCO, Premier, and ENAMEL PRO. We have fine, medium, and coarse grit levels, prophy pastes suitable for kids and adults, and flavours include:

  • Mint
  • Freshmint
  • Bubblegum
  • Cherry
  • Wildberry
  • Tropical
  • Spearmint
  • Vanilla
  • Grape

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