Autoclave Self-Sealing Sterilisation Pouches 200/pk


200 pcs/box

Self-Sealing Autoclave Bags/Sterilisation Pouches (Internal & External Indicators)

Looking for the best value in Australia for dental supplies? Look no further than our Self-Sealing Autoclave Bags/Sterilisation Pouches with internal and external indicators. Our bags are triple sealed and triple heat processed for maximum durability, and the transparent film allows for easy viewing. With 200 bags per box, you'll have plenty to keep your dental equipment clean and free of contamination. Trust Adam Dental for all your dental supply needs!
Our Sterilisation Pouches and Autoclave Bags are self-sealing and are manufactured with durable internal and external steam indicators to show proper sterilisation has occurred. The medical-grade paper and extra strong autoclavable seal prevent breaches in the film by sharp instruments. These sterilising bags are secure autoclave pouches that can be easily sealed to keep samples, chemicals, and other products protected and contained during storage. They are also used to prevent contamination.

  • The transparent film allows for easy viewing
  • Tracking compliant
  • Triple seal and triple heat processed
  • Complete film and paper separation when opened

What is a sterilisation pouch?
A sterilisation pouch is a disposable bag used in conjunction with steam or chemical autoclaves to safely and effectively sterilise dental equipment that must be kept clean and free of contamination. 
Otherwise known as autoclavable bags, these pouches consist of two main parts - medical grade paper and a plastic film held together with adhesive. Our sterilisation pouches have a built-in adhesive at the opening to self-seal the pouch before placing it into the autoclave; they also have colour-changing indicators both on the inside and outside of the seal to demonstrate if the pouch has been exposed to steam or chemical sterilisation.

Brand Steri-Safe
Category Infection Control
Subcategory Autoclave Pouches
Subcategory Sterilisation

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