Greenbite Apple Bite Registration Material


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Greenbite Apple Bite Registration Material - The Tasty Choice for Precise Bite Registrations!
2 x 50ml Cartridges
Mixing Tips

Bite registration material.  A-silicone based, medium consistency – medium-bodied, thixotropic. Direct application onto teeth, short time in the mouth (60 sec.)

Indulge in the delightful combination of precision and flavour with Greenbite Apple Bite Registration Material. This A-silicone based, medium-consistency, thixotropic material delivers exceptional bite registrations with a burst of green apple goodness.

    Direct application onto teeth, does not flow into interdental spaces, easily removed from the mouth.
    Short time in the mouth (60 sec.), maximum final hardness, approx. 45 Shore D, easy processing.
    Medical device Cl. I. Colour: Base green, Catalyst yellow 1:1.
    Smells and tastes like green apples!

    Key Features:

    Convenient Pack: The Greenbite Apple Bite Registration Material pack includes 2 x 50ml cartridges and mixing tips, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient application process.

    Thixotropic and Medium-Bodied: Enjoy the benefits of a thixotropic and medium-bodied material that allows for direct application onto teeth, without flowing into interdental spaces.

    Swift In-Mouth Time: With a short in-mouth time of just 60 seconds, Greenbite Apple Bite Registration Material optimizes workflow and reduces chairside waiting.

    Maximum Final Hardness: Achieve reliable results with an approximate final hardness of 45 Shore D, ensuring stable and accurate bite registrations.

    Easy Processing: Experience seamless processing with easy handling, making Greenbite Apple Bite Registration Material a user-friendly choice.

    Greenbite Apple Bite Registration Material is a feast for both your senses and your precision. With its base green color and yellow catalyst (1:1), you can visually verify the proper mixing ratio, promoting accurate results.

    Spoil your patients with the mouthwatering scent and taste of green apples as you ensure flawless bite registrations. Trust in the reliability and simplicity of Greenbite Apple Bite Registration Material for superior dental applications.

    Order your pack now and experience the tasty precision of Greenbite Apple Bite Registration Material - a treat for your practice and your patients!

    Brand Detax
    Category Impression
    Subcategory Bite Registration Material
    Subcategory Impression Material

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