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Dental Supplies Melbourne

Welcome to Adam Dental, your top source of dental supplies in Melbourne!

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Adam Dental Supplies is 100% Australian owned and proudly provides the highest quality dental products to dentists, oral and dental surgeons, orthodontists, dental hygienists, dental educators and students, dental laboratories, and other medical, health, and veterinary professionals. 

From the most technologically advanced dental tools to basic PPE, disposables, and hygiene products, Adam Dental’s unwavering commitment your success ensures that you will be delighted by our unparalleled product range and customer service.

We are recognised throughout Victoria and across Australia for consistently delivering dentist supplies at the best value and with the best service available online. 

Founded in 2006, Adam Dental has introduced a fresh approach to the stagnant dental supply industry, and we have become one of the fastest-growing dental product distributors throughout Australia. We proudly help dental professionals keep their prices down, delivering the products you deserve from the brands you prefer. We have succeeded at reshaping the dental supply industry so that it is more competitive, more fairly priced, and ultimately delivers better professional and patient satisfaction and outcomes.

We work with private and corporate businesses, hospitals, insurance companies, universities, and other government institutions. 

Some of our products also suit professionals including (but not limited to) orofacial surgeons, emergency rooms, doctors, veterinarians, podiatrists, pharmacists, lab-based employees, and others.

We carry more than 15,000 products from the premium Australian and international brands you prefer, and we are continually adding to our comprehensive product range. All of Adam Dental’s products are TGA approved. 

Adam Dental Supplies is ISO9001 Accredited to the highest standards for Dental & Medical Supplies.

Our team of dental experts is on call to answer any of your technical queries regarding the products we offer. Contact us to learn more about dental supplies in Melbourne.

Call us on 1300 449 262 or email

We look forward to partnering with you as your preferred dental supplier in Victoria.