Bausch Arti-Spot 2 for Ceramic Red 3u BK86


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The Bausch Arti-Spot 2 for Ceramics Red 3u BK86 is specifically designed for use with ceramic restorations, providing clear and visible marking for occlusal analysis. Its vibrant red color contrasts against ceramic materials, making it easy to identify and mark high spots accurately.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this occlusal indicator features a thin and flexible design that conforms to the natural contours of teeth and restorations. The three-micron thickness ensures precise marking without interfering with occlusal contacts.

Using the Bausch Arti-Spot 2 for Ceramics Red 3u BK86 is straightforward. Simply apply the indicator to the occlusal surface, instruct the patient to bite down, and evaluate the markings to identify areas requiring adjustment. The non-sticking properties of the indicator ensure clean removal without smudging or residue.

This product is ideal for use in various dental procedures, including ceramic crown seating, bridge adjustments, and veneer fitting. It provides invaluable assistance in achieving optimal occlusal harmony and patient satisfaction.

Brand Bausch
Category Articulating
Subcategory Articulating Liquids