NeoDrys Saliva Absorbants Original & Reflective


NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents Original & Reflective - Superior Moisture Control


Experience superior moisture control and enhanced patient comfort with Neodrys from Microcopy Dental. Our advanced dental supplies innovation offers unmatched absorbency, durability, and versatility. Say goodbye to pooling and discomfort while saving time and increasing productivity.  NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents offer the ultimate solution for effective moisture control during dental procedures. Choose from the Original and Reflective types to suit your needs. At Adam Dental Supplies, we bring you advanced dental innovations that enhance patient comfort, save time, and improve your practice.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Moisture Control: NeoDrys Absorbents effectively control parotid saliva, preventing pooling and discomfort during procedures.
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: The Comfort Edge® design ensures maximum patient comfort and satisfaction.
  • Reflective Option: Choose Reflective NeoDrys for superior visibility, thanks to the reflective backing that enhances light reflection into the oral cavity.
  • Absorbent Core: NeoDrys' super absorbent core outlasts traditional cotton rolls, saving time and resources.
  • Complete Coverage: The non-cutting poly barrier provides complete coverage of the parotid orifice and buccal mucosa.
  • Flexible and Tapered Design: NeoDrys' flexible and tapered design accommodates cheek movement, facilitating work in all areas of the oral cavity.
  • Easy to Use: NeoDrys stays securely in place and can be easily removed with a water spray.
  • Cost-Effective: NeoDrys' durability and effectiveness result in cost savings over traditional methods.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of procedures, NeoDrys enhances productivity and patient experience.
  • Available Sizes: Regular (Large Blue) and Reflective (Large Blue, Small Yellow)

Try Reflective NeoDrys for Optimal Visibility and Control!

NeoDrys Reflective offers the added advantage of light reflection into the oral cavity, enhancing visibility and precision during procedures. Experience the difference NeoDrys makes in moisture control, patient comfort, and procedural efficiency.

Order now to experience unmatched absorbency, durability, and versatility, and take your practice to new heights of excellence. Trusted across Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, and all of Australia, Adam Dental Supplies is your partner in dental innovation.

Neodrys from Microcopy Dental - The Ultimate Dental Supplies Innovation

Discover the revolutionary Neodrys from Microcopy Dental, the cutting-edge dental supplies that will transform your dental practice. With its advanced features and exceptional quality, Neodrys offers a unique solution for efficient moisture control during dental procedures.

Unmatched Absorbency and Durability:

Neodrys is meticulously crafted using the finest materials, ensuring exceptional absorbency and durability. The proprietary blend of fibers guarantees optimal moisture control, allowing for a more comfortable experience for both patients and practitioners. Say goodbye to annoying pooling and excessive salivation as Neodrys takes care of it all.

Enhanced Patient Comfort:

With Neodrys, patient comfort is at the forefront. The specialized design offers a gentle and non-invasive solution, reducing the likelihood of patient discomfort during treatments. Its soft texture ensures a pleasant experience, enhancing patient satisfaction and overall practice reputation.

Efficient and Time-Saving:

Neodrys is designed with efficiency in mind. Its superior absorbency eliminates the need for constant repositioning and replacement, allowing practitioners to focus on delivering exceptional care. This translates into saved time and increased productivity, enabling your practice to see more patients while maintaining high-quality service.

Hygienic and Sterile:

Microcopy Dental is committed to upholding the highest standards of infection control. Neodrys undergoes a rigorous sterilization process, ensuring a hygienic product that meets or exceeds industry regulations. Each Neodrys piece is individually wrapped, guaranteeing the utmost safety and peace of mind for both patients and practitioners.

Wide Range of Applications:

Versatility is a key feature of Neodrys. Whether you need moisture control during restorative procedures, orthodontic treatments, or even endodontic therapies, Neodrys provides a reliable and adaptable solution. Its convenient size and shape make it suitable for various dental applications, making it a must-have in your dental supplies inventory.

Join the Dental Revolution:

Upgrade your dental practice with Neodrys from Microcopy Dental. Embrace the advantages of enhanced moisture control, increased patient comfort, and improved workflow efficiency. Experience the transformative power of this exceptional dental supplies innovation and witness the positive impact it will have on your practice's success.

Don't wait! Order Neodrys today and take your dental supplies to new heights of excellence. Trust Microcopy Dental to deliver superior quality, reliability, and innovation for a dental practice that stands out from the rest.

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