GC Solare X Syringes


3.7g / 2ml Syringe

Light cured anterior and posterior composite restorative

With GC SOLARE X, all composite restorations are placed easily with just one UNIVERSAL restorative. It is aesthetically pleasing for ANTERIOR use and has excellent physical properties for POSTERIOR use.
SOLARE X has the same great handling you've come to love from SOLARE; now it has 60% more radiopacity. SOLARE X simplifies your aesthetic restorations by combining smooth handling, durability and high polishability into a single, universal composite. This product has been designed to provide excellent wear resistance and "natural feel" in the mouth without wearing away opposing enamel.

Unmatchable aesthetic invisibility:

    • 90% of restorations can be completed using a single shade
    • Excellent handling giving total control to the clinician
    • Nearly 60% increase of radiopacity compared to Solare
    • Excellent wear resistance - will not wear away opposing enamel

  • Extremely low polymerization shrinkage stress for reduced post-operative sensitivity
  • Activated filler particles strengthen matrix for increased fracture toughness

Just the right amount of flow under pressure, ensuring intimate contact with the cavity walls and floor, for the best possible adhesive interface and marginal adaptation. It won't stick or slump or set up prematurely under the overhead light. Free-hand contouring is made easier with a remarkable self-correcting feature where small surface voids and imperfections simply vanish leaving a smooth and naturally contoured surface. To replicate the aesthetic properties of natural teeth SOLARE X contains nano fillers, glass fillers and pre-polymerised fillers that imitate the complex light transmission, diffusion and reflection characteristics found in natural teeth.

Brand GC
Category Restorative & Cosmetic
Subcategory Composite
Subcategory Composite Syringes

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