PDS Periopack Mini


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Oral Health Stabilisation Kit

To assist with the control of chronic gingival inflammation, periodontal disease & caries. The product may be used to reconstitute oral plaque prior to extensive dental treatment & for bleaching teeth for patients who have exhibit cervical sensitivity to Carbamide Peroxide.

The Perio Pack Mini contains Chlorofluor Gel (30 mL) and Bright Teeth Gel (30 mL), along with Professional and Consumer information. Chlorofluor combines chlorhexidine with fluoride to improve gingival health and caries resistance. Using a toothbrush, alternate applications of Bright Teeth Gel (carbamide peroxide) and Chlorofluor Gel morning and night. Brushing alternately with these products will reduce gingival inflammation, improve fluoride uptake and prevent cervical staining from forming as well as bleaching the teeth.

Kit Contains:

  • Chlorofluor Gel (30 mL)
  • Bright Teeth Gel (30 mL)
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