Penthrox Combination Pack Inhaler Pain Management


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Penthrox Combination Inhaler Pack - Pain Management (Methoxyflurane)

PENTHROX® is a form of medical anaesthetic and is a clear, almost colourless liquid with a characteristic fruity smell that becomes a vapour or gas when it is used with the PENTHROX® INHALER. The aim of Penthrox is to relieve pain until the patient feels comfortable. Relief will commence after approximately 6-10 breaths and will continue for several minutes after ceasing use of Penthrox.

Penthrox is typically self-administered by the patient, enabling them control over the level of pain relief by directly inhaling PENTHROX® from the PENTHROX® Inhaler.

Each Penthrox Combination Pack includes:

  • Penthrox 3ml vial
  • Penthrox Inhaler
  • AC Chamber
Brand Penthrox
Category Oral Surgery
Subcategory Sedation