Bausch Arti-Bite Registration Material 4 x 50ml + 14 Mixing Tips


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Bausch Art-Bite VPS Vinyl Polysiloxane Bite Registration Material

Bausch Arti-Bite is an easy to use Bite registration material for precise occlusal recording. It allows for easy to see occlusal contacts and is easy to squeeze from the cartridge maximising ease of use for dentists. Arti-Bite is easy to bite on without exertion allowing for an accute bite record.

Five excellent properties reflect the main advantages of Arti-Bite:

  1. Detailed representation of the occlusal contacts
  2. Short setting time of 30 seconds
  3. Less than 0.1% shrinkage and is dimensionally stable
  4. Due to its hardness of 92 Shore A, Arti-Bite is easy to rework in the dental laboratory
  5. Balanced viscosity to make the material easy to work with

Technical Specifications:

  • Dark blue
  • 1:1 Mixing ratio
  • Working time: 20 seconds
  • Setting time: 30 seconds
  • Dimensional change after 24 hours: ≤ - 0.4%
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