Assd Swiss Scaler Inserts Ems Kavo Sonosoft W&H Ps Tip NB CARRIER IS NOT A WRENCH


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All tips come with a tightener. Please note this is not a torque wrench.

A Tip - Standard tip, for removal of supragingival deposits.

P Tip - Standard tip for removal of sub and supragingival deposits.

PS Tip - For fine scaling and root debridement.For sub and supragingival deposits and interdental areas as well.

PSDia Tip - Diamond-tipped periodontal instruments. For in-depth root debridement. For smoothing restoration overhangs as well as expanding root furcations.

PSDLC Tip - Fine tip, DLC (diamond like carbon) coated. With a very high superficial hardness and very low friction coefficient. Specially designed for fine work near implants.

Brand ASSD
Category Handpieces
Compatibility EMS
Compatibility KaVo SonoSoft
Compatibility W&H
Subcategory Scalers & Tips
Tip PS Tip

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