MicroMega MTA Mineral Trioxide Aggregate


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MicroMega MTA 2 capsules/pack

Micro-Mega offers MM-MTA, an endodontic repair cement that has excellent physiochemical characteristics. MM-MTA incorporates a faster set time with a pasty consistency for easy handling and placement.
MM-MTA is used in the following cases: repair of root perforations, root-end fillings (retro and apexification endodontic surgeries), pulp capping, repair of internal resorptions.

Easy handling and placement

  • Innovating packaging for a quick and automatic mixing
  • Homogenous consistency
  • Radiopacity
  • Reduced setting time (20 minutes)

Fast and efficient repairs

  • Formation of a protective waterproof layer, resistant to bacterial infiltration
  • Excellent adhesion to the dentine
  • Optimal results, even in humid conditions
Brand Micro-Mega