MicroMega Remover Endodontic Rotary Files #30 7% 19 & 23mm Lengths 5/pk


MicroMega REMOVER, just one file to remove root canal filling/obturation materials from the root canal during endodontic retreatment.

Each file presents in a sterile Blister Pack.

  • One file to remove the root filling material
  • Respects the root canal anatomy
  • Efficient without any solvent
  • Safe thanks to non-cutting tip

Safely remove the obturation filling

  • No need of solvent to be efficient
  • Proprietary heat treatment for an increased blade flexibility, fracture resistance and respect of the original anatomy of the tooth
  • Non-cutting tip to avoid peroperative risks like perforations or ledges
  • Design with a 1mm diameter wire for a minimal invasive approach

Short learning curve

  • Only one instrument to learn, dedicated to the removal of the obturation material
  • No change required regarding the re-shaping step to be done after the filling material removal, whether in terms of technique or choice of instruments

Brand Micro-Mega
Category Endodontics
Subcategory Hand & Rotary Files
Subcategory Rotary Files