Micro-Mega Revo-S Cross Section Files 3pk Assorted A


Micro-Mega Revo S NiTi Hand Files 3/pk Assorted A

Enables a better root canal penetration due to a “snake-like” movement = excellent progression of the instrument toward the apical region of the root canal. Facilitates the elimination of debris upward the coronal thanks to the increased available volume for debris. Avoids the grooves to be obstructed and thus avoids the extrusion of debris beyond the instrument tip and apical foramen. Reduces the stress on the instrument thanks to the rippling movement of the file along the canal walls: no screwing effect, more flexibility, better ability to negotiate curves.


1 x AS30
1 x AS35
1 x AS40
Brand Micro-Mega
Category Endodontics
Subcategory Hand & Rotary Files
Subcategory Rotary Files