Micro-Mega One G


Micro-Mega One G NiTi Rotary Hand File

The single NiTi file for glide development in continuous rotation.

  • Respects and maintains the original canal anatomy.
  • Innovative file cross-section and pitch increases resistance to breakage and unwinding and limits screwing effect.
  • Inactive tip: reduces risk of ledges and false canals.
  • Size No. 14, 0.03 taper.
  • 3 cutting edges situated on 3 different radiuses relative to the canal axis. More space for debris elimination. Excellent cutting action for pre-enlargement of the canal.

Ease of use and simplified instrument management

  • Ready-to-use and discarded file after use
  • Well-known and recognized instrumental dynamics (in and out movement)


  • One single instrument to save time for the complete endodontic treatment
  • Active file which removes part of the organic canal content


  • Smooth progression, excellent ability to negotiate curves, particularly in thin and curved canals
  • Resistance to instrument breakage and unwinding
  • Less risk of endodontic errors (creation of ledge, false canal, canal transportation, etc.)
  • Infection risk control thanks to the sterile blister
Brand Micro-Mega
Category Endodontics
Subcategory Hand & Rotary Files
Subcategory Paste Carriers