Hedstrom Files Micro Mega 21mm


Micro-Mega Hedstrom Files 21mm 6/pk

Through their steeper-angled cutting edges, Micro-Mega H-Files are best suited for vertical dentin cutting. They enlarge the root canal and remove debris from the apex to the coronal part with high efficiency, especially in case of irregular canals walls. Last indication relates to the extraction of separated instruments.

  • Industrially cleaned and pre-sterilized instruments: ready to use, compliant with the prevailing infection control recommendations strengthened by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Multiple-use : depending on the size and the visual aspect after use, a hand file may be reused 2 or 5 times, an autoclave cycle at 134°C to be done after each use
  • Ergonomics of the handle: good file grip to help dentists easily and efficiently negotiate calcified and curved canals
  • Clear identification: permanent number and cross-section markings, ISO color-coded handle plus a specific mark to exactly spot where the file has been pre-curved
  • Radiopaque silicone stop: perfect adjustment to the Working Length
  • High quality manufacturing and control processes: in-house and state of the art automated machines, historical MicroMega expertise in terms of grinding operations
Brand Microbrush
Category Endodontics
Subcategory Hand & Rotary Files
Subcategory Hedstrom Files