Clinicare Alcohol Wipes

220 Wipes
** LIMITS APPLY: 1 Canister, 3 Refills
Dentalife IPA 70% is the soft alcohol providing antibacterial, cleaning and solvent properties but gentle on skin and surfaces.

  • TGA tested under dirty conditions for effective and rapid broad spectrum disinfection.
  • Safe for use on most surfaces and equipment
  • Preferred alcohol for general purpose use in surgeries
  • Broad spectrum anti-bacterial activity
  • Evaporates after use without leaving residues
  • Gentle on hands and skin
  • Not to be added to other cleaning or disinfectant solutions unless indicated by manufacturer
  • Secure, resealable canister to protect wipes and prevent dry out
Technical Specifications
Brand Dentalife
Category Cleaning & Disinfecting
Subcategory Disinfectants & Detergents
Subcategory Surface