Bausch 200 Micron Artiulcating Paper Blue Box REFILL


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300 Strips/Box

Bausch Articulating Papers with Progressive Color Transfer are pressure sensitive. The harder the bite, the darker the mark. They are impregnated (not coated) with special hydrophilic waxes and FD&C colorants for marking in wet or dry fields. These unique papers produce a field for markings with graduated color intensity corresponding to occlusal pressure. Only high spots, indicated by dark blue or dark red markings are adjusted. 

  • Accurate pressure distribution obtained within seconds 
  • High-spots immediately visible 
  • Highlights any existing masticatory pressure interference clearly 
  • 200 microns (.008"), 40 microns (.0016")
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Brand Bausch
Category Articulating
Colour Blue
Subcategory Articulating Paper

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