YUM BUBBLEGUM STD 15% 50ML Topical Anaesthetic Gel


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YUM Bubblegum Standard 15% Topical Anaesthetic 50ml

The World's Most Powerful Topical Gel! - 3 X STRONGER -  3 X FASTER

YUM Topical Anaesthetic is the world's most powerful topical gel and is EXCLUSIVE to Adam Dental Supplies. YUM Topical Gel is up to 3 times stronger AND faster than ordinary topical gels and is used to numb the specified area of the mouth to ensure the patient is free from pain or discomfort during treatment. 

    • Better Value! Cheaper per ml.
    • More convenient! 250 doses per pack - order less frequently.
    • More practical chairside! Pump pack.
    • Better Product! Works faster & deeper - better patient and dentist experience.
    • Better Experience! Smells and taste great.
    • Locally made in Australia! 
    • 100% Money Back Promise if unsatisfied!

Yum Topical Anaesthetic Gel

Brand Yum
Category Anaesthetic
Subcategory Topical Anaesthetic