Local Anaesthetic / Composite Resin Warmer


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Conveniently warms anaesthetics and composites in one location! Designed to enhance both the dentists' and the patients comfort. 

Anaesthetic warmer reduces the discomfort of injections by warming the anaesthetic!
Composite warmer siginificantly reduces curing time with more flowability of composites!

  • Improves the flow of composites
  • Can hold all anaestheitc cartridges, compule dispensing gun, an composites
  • Holds 7 carpules at any one time:
    • 1 Large Slot
    • 1 Mediium Slot
    • 5 Small Slots
  • Temperature can be set via digital readout
    • Recomended temperature setting
      Lidocaine: 37 Degrees Celcius  (body temperature)
      Composite: 40-45 Degrees Celcius 
  • 1 year warranty